Ricoh Copier Lease Agreement

„I would like to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate the efforts you and your team have made to move from our canon photocopiers to our new Ricoh photocopiers.“ Questions about working with Ricoh or creating an account? Contact Mike Stowell at 800-276-9764 or Are deliveries included in my maintenance prices? For multifunctional appliances (MFDs), maintenance prices include all parts, workers and consumables (including staples, but without paper). For other equipment, such as printers, duplicates and large-format devices, the maintenance program contains parts and work, but no consumables. It is possible to obtain, on request, via the Managed Print Services part via the Managed Print Services section, a maintenance contract for the included delivery for the printers. RICOH MP C6503 Color all in a copycat costs -performance review To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. FMV (Fair Market Value): There is also an always green clause in all copying leasing contracts, which means that you must contact the leasing company in „x“ in the „x“ period before the end of the lease to inform it of your intention to purchase or return the systems. If you don`t notify them, some leases have an automatic 30-day extension, a 90-day extension and the worst ones have a one-year extension, which means that if you don`t contact them on time (with a certified letter), your lease will be renewed either in 30-day, 90-day or one-year periods. Suppose your lease expired yesterday and your contract has a 90-day extension, you are obliged to make three additional payments, but you must always send them what we call „A Letter of Intent,“ if you do not send that, your lease will be renewed at 90 days. I have the same problems with RICOH. And this, after more than 12 years of customers. We have three payments left on our lease.

I wrote to them to tell them that we did not pursue the lease and asked for a return address. They came back with a leasing price of $3000 more than our remaining payments and once the money was received, they would send me shipping information. I read my rental contract and there is nothing to pay for the rental. I asked them to send me a broken statement explaining the additional tax.