Traduire En Francais Limited Partnership Agreement

Smulka komandytowa (Sp. k.) (Limited partnership. The limited partnership and the SGN have a long-term vision based on a moderate growth model. . The limited partnership and the SGN will be created to restructure the horticultural sector. . Sp. k. (hereafter referred to as a single limited partnership). The Commission considers that benefits have been granted to the limited partnership, its partners (LTO-Nederland) or potential partners.

. Warning: Words from the vocabulary list are only available from this Web browser. Once this list is copied into your vocabulary trainer, it will be available everywhere. As a commanding partner, LuxSCS is a simple limited partnership. To that end, the limited partnership purchased and sold land in strategic areas [9]. In the case of limited partnerships, at least one of the sponsors must be incorporated as a company in Ireland. The PONS online dictionary is free: it is also available for iOS and Android! Do you want to add words, phrases or translations? PL: The establishment of foreign service providers can only take the form of a single limited partnership, a limited liability company or a limited partnership. Third parties should meet these conditions because the limited partnership and its active partner SGN are not entitled to engage in such activities. It may .B a limited partnership with limited and general partners. Sernam`s transformation into a limited partnership (SCS) to make Geodis liable indefinitely for Sernam`s debt. .

Short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, more. PL: While other legal forms are available to EU lawyers, foreign lawyers only have access to the partnership or the limited partnership. The limited partnership does not invest in troubled businesses and sales and leasing contracts are expressly excluded. . Advantage for SGN, other partners of the limited partnership and all other international partners Limited Partnership (International Limited Partnership According to its statutes, the limited partnership does not engage in real estate development or real estate speculation that could affect land prices. Results: 2810. Exactly: 2810. Time: 300 m. How can I resume my translations in the vocabulary coach? . Capitalization and government participation in the limited partnership.