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Please note that the following models have not been exported as the maximum file size has been reached. Meet customer expectations for speed and comfort with a single pack of first-class apps, even if you open multiple types of accounts. Turn on end-to-end disconnection time at any time, anywhere and on every device. 130 King St. W Suite 2125 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5X 2A2 Aboard the new AUM and faster processing volume than you ever thought possible. Agreement Express offers a boarding platform that is perfect and fast and accurate for your operating teams for your customers. The following options have been included in the ZIP file. Please select options to import: For more information, including other convention options that can be configured, click here. . For security reasons, your meeting is over. Please enter your password below to continue.

The download process has been cancelled. Click the „Close“ button below to complete the process. The download process was automatically stopped. Check the next transaction, which was created. Check if: 1. The agreement contains the right form field values 2. Required Fields and Signatures work as expected If everything looks good, click above the „Play“ button to continue the „Agreement Express“ process, which has an ever-increasing number of account types and services offered by some of the best companies in both Payments and Wealth Management. Through our network partnerships, including the directors and acquirers you want to work with, your company can add these businesses quickly and easily. We`ve developed our extensive boarding platform to integrate it with investments already made, so you have more tools than you already have. We are the Accord Express and we are working hard to solve a decades-long problem that has held the financial services industry for years – onboarding new customers. Customer expectations have become digital and our platform helps growth-oriented businesses grow and compete in a rapidly changing market.

We help hundreds of global financial institutions deliver high-level on-board customer experiences across all products and channels, with the back-office controls and integrations needed for compliance and efficiency.