Verizon Wireless Master Service Agreement

Without limiting your obligations under this section of the agreement, you agree that (even or through its third parties) authorize: but is not required to use certain address or invoice correction services to update and/or modify addresses or billing information associated with your account (including address, billing address, billing address and credit card information) and you agree that use this modified information for all intents and purposes in connection with your account (including sending extensions, invoices, order confirmations or automatic renewal notifications). 13. Facilities used for service. Verizon determines the facilities it uses to provide services at any time. Notwithstanding other provisions of a contract, Verizon reserves the right to assign or restrict its services; Replace facilities (including, but not limited, local access infrastructure) with alternative provider facilities (including Verizon`s own facilities); Refuse or discontinue services (or associated billing options), in whole or in part, generally or for certain customers, in order to: a) effectively manage their network (including avoiding technical, operational or security issues); (b) meet reasonable expectations for after-sales service; or (c) provide services to existing and future customers based on current and likely available capacity. SERVICES ACCORD (the „agreement“ and/or „conditions“), such as Group, Inc., a Delaware company, its subsidiaries, subsidiaries, subsidiaries, subsidiaries, its predecessors, successors and beneficiaries of the transfer (the terms „,“ „we,“ „we“ and/or „our“ will relate to, between you (the Terms „customer,“ „you“ and/or „you“ refer to the person, organization or organization that accepts this Contract, who has access to your account or uses the Services) and, defines the terms applicable to your purchase and/or use of our products and services (together „services“), as shown below. She and together can be described as „parties“ and each can be described as a „party.“ This agreement declares our commitments to you and your commitments to us regarding all services you purchase or otherwise use. 51. Full agreement. A contract (a) expresses the full understanding of the parties concerned with respect to its purpose; (b) replace any previous or concomitant presentations, invitations, offers, agreements or agreements on their purpose that are not fully expressed; and (c) all the conditions, conventions and submissions of the contracting parties.