What Is Ptptn Agreement Number

If you pay the total amount of your credit within 12 months of completing your studies, you do not receive the 1% interest/ ujrah. This means you just have to pay back what you borrowed, without interest! 3. Buy a PIN on BSN (Bank Simpanan Nasional) for RM5. (The PIN code is required for online application and is only valid for 6 months) But, there are few other things about the PTPTN that you may need to know how much the loan amount is most likely to get, what WWP is and how to repay the loan. Note, however, that first class honours can make a difference from university to university, so be sure to check with your advisors so you know where to aim. As a general rule, first-class honours generally require at least the CGPA of 3.67/4.00 or higher. 4. Sign up for www.ptptn.gov.my/gateway/ to close the application. (Fill every personal detail with care and accuracy, as minor errors can result in the use of PTPTN being rejected. Don`t click the „Send“ button until you`re 100% sure that every detail and information you`ve filled out is correct.) 7. Two sentences of the PTPTN agreement and its offer (printable from the PTPTN website, once the online application is completed).

4. A copy of the personal/book statement Here is a comprehensive guide that helps you understand what the NPTPTP is, how to apply for the loan and what you need to be careful about. Portal bagi pembayaran pelepasan cukai kepada majikan dan bayaran balik pinjaman serta simpanan secara potongan gaji oleh majikan. Applying PTPTN online is never so complicated, all you need to do is follow the steps necessary for a successful application without being rejected. Here are the online application procedures. Permohonan pengecualian bayaran balik pinjaman ijazah sarjana muda kelas pertama atau setaraf dengannya 2. A copy of the SPM/O certificate (or other equivalents) (please note that the copy of the SPM result script is only accepted if the period beginning between the year of the PMS and the year of the application does not exceed 2 years). Not all courses are automatically eligible for a PTPTN loan. The course you wish to study must meet the following criteria.